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31st-Aug-2009 12:30 pm
What pisses me off is when I go to a party and come back even more bored then I was upon departure, it is assumed I had a terrible time because I made absolutely no effort to socialize. That's wrong. I didn't because I did not know anyone there. "Oh, well, your manager was there" - EXACTLY, he's my manager. We've spoken maybe three times before, about work-related issues. We are not best friends. I might have had something more to say to him if I wasn't a teenager and he wasn't thirty years older than me, call me crazy but I'd prefer to befriend people closer to my own age.

ON THAT NOTE, what also pisses me off is when just BECAUSE someone is your own age, someone else who is not tries to set up a friendship between the two of you.
"Oh, come sit over here next to this girl and you two will hit it up in no time!"
NO. Leave me alone, let me sit on the porch steps by myself, the only reason I'm here is because I was told to bring back food.

People touching me for no good reason. Putting their hands on my shoulders/arms when asking me a question, bringing me into a half-hug while saying "Good job" or something along those lines - why? Why is there a need for that? Cut it out, and stop looking at me directly in the eyes when you take a hold of my wrist, it's creepy. D:

Also, random stomach pain. That's all.

Just wanted to say thanks for this community existing, I'll probably abuse it quite a bit within the next few weeks. I like to complain. XD

2nd-Sep-2009 01:53 am (UTC)
I agree with you on all those things! Especially the second one! My brother-almost-in law has a cousin that their always trying to get me to hangout with, because and I quote "You are so twins separated at birth!" I think it's creepy! ;)
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