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22nd-Aug-2009 01:26 am
So, I just wanted to make a little introduction entry, as I feel it's appropriate.

As you'll read from the userinfo, I started this with the idea of a ranting community. As I was creating it, I thought "Why limit it to one thing, when it could be much more than that?" What I mean is, I wanted to make this a haven for anyone to post anything they wanted. Secrets, poetry, art, photography, something they loved, something they hated, obsessions, fears, quotes, and ofcourse, bitchy rants.

I really hope this community gets a lot of active members, because I think the idea of it is special. If I left anything out of the comminfo or this introduction entry, let me know!!

Have fun & welcome to thebitchshack!

Your mod,
Sunset :]
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